Mari Ahokoivu (b. 1984) is a Finnish Illustrator and a comic artist. She draws comics for adults and for kids and has been published in Finland as well as abroad. Ahokoivu lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.
She has been publishing comics professionally from 2007, starting with a how to make comics guidebook. Her first graphic novel, Find me in this city, came out in 2009. After that, she worked at the Finnish Comics Society as a Nordic Comics project coordinator and started drawing comics for children. 
Ahokoivu’s main work, graphic novel OKSI came out in Finland 2018 and in US 2021. The book was made with support from North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund of Finnish Cultural Foundation.
Main works:
Ihme ilmat! – Illustration for a children's book written by Laura Ertimo, 2019 Into (FI). Published in over ten countries, rights sold by Elina Ahlback Literary Agency
 – 2018 Asema (FI) , 2021 Levine Querido (US), rights sold by Ferly)
Lola Olifante – series of three books, 2014-2015 Éditions Cambourakis (FR)
Sanni & Joonas -talviyö – Written by Kalle Hakkola, 2014 Kustannusyhtiö Kumiorava (FI), 2015 Rabén & Sjörgen (SE), 2017 les éditions de la pastèque (CA/FR), 2017 SOAP studio of ArtsPace (KR).
Batuman – 2010-2016 Daada (FI), 2017 ComFederation (RUS), 2017 Fahrenheit (DK), 2018 Mishka comics (US)
Löydä minut tästä kaupungista – 2009 Asema (FI), 2015 CBK (SE)
Sarjakuvantekijän opas –2009 BTJ kustannus (FI)
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